Games - iOS Only

This page covers functionality that only exists on iOS devices.

Home Screen

When you have tracked a Game using the scoreboard on your Apple Watch, the Game will appear on the Home screen.

You have two options:

  • Swipe the Game to delete it. You can also swipe the Game in the Watch App to get rid of it.
  • Add the score to a Fixture. To do this tap the row.

Game Screen

The Game screen shows the date, time at score at the top of the screen.

If you have one or more fixtures for the date the Game was recorded you will be presented with those fixture and given the option to assign the score to one of them.

If no fixtures exist for the date the Game was recorded you can create a new Fixture for the Game. You can also create a new Fixture if there were Fixtures for the date, but are not relevant.

Once the Game is assigned to a Fixture it will be deleted.

Similar to editing a Fixture to add the score the game information will be shown on the Fixture Detail screen and a Fixture List item.


From the toolbar at the top of the screen you have the ability to share the ends data in the form of a scorecard as a .png image.