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Releases Oct 21, 2023

Ends+ v1.6 are is available

Version 1.6 brings in a requested feature, as well as the ability to publish information via a web page.

Live Scores

Live scores allow you to track the ends for a game, and publish the game progress as a web page so that anyone can see it. A useful feature to allow someone to follow a game when they can't be at the Green.

More HTML Pages

Along with publishing a web page for a live game you can now also publish web pages for Competitions and Leagues. All you have to do is create a competition or league as you normally would and then use the Publish option to make them available to everyone to see, making it easy for everyone to stay upto date.

Ends+ Account

To use the above features and publish to the internet you will need to create an Ends+ account. The pages themselves can be view by anyone.

Releases Sep 23, 2023

Ends+ v1.5 is now available

I've decided to remove all the collaborative club functionality. It didn't have any uptake, and it will give me more time to work on other features.

Releases Aug 31, 2023

Ends+ v1.4.1/2/3/4 are now available

I've been a bit slack lately with keeping the blog upto date. Here are the missing updates.

  • Version 1.4.1 provides adding fixtures as an Calendar event. iOs only
  • Version 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 provided some bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Version 1.4.4 adds the ability to export Ends data as a scorecard. iOs Only
Releases May 6, 2023

Ends+ v1.4 is now available

Version 1.4 provides Leagues, along with some bug fixes and tweaks.

Define and track Leagues using the latest functionality in Ends+

  • Create a League
  • Add some divisions to the League
  • Add the teams/players to the league
  • Add game results to automatically update the league table
  • Share the league table via your phones standard sharing functionality
Releases Apr 21, 2023

Ends+ v1.3 is now available

Version 1.3, along with bug fixes and tweaks, is focused competitions.

In this release you can now create Knockout competitions.

  • Create a Competition
  • Set the number of games in the first round
  • Add the teams/players. By not putting a name against for a game the other player gets a BYE
  • Adding the scores for the games will promote the team to the next round.
  • Share the competition status as a HTML file.
Releases Mar 1, 2023

Ends+ v1.2 is now available

Version 1.2, along with bug fixes and tweaks, is focused around picking the team for a fixture.

From the Edit Fixture screen you can choose to manage the Team. This opens the Fixture Team screen, where you can set the number of teams, and now many players per team. The Fixture Detail screen shows the picked teams along side the rest of the Fixture information.

There is now also a Share option on the toolbar which will allow you to share the Fixture Details via whatever means you have installed on your device.

Sneak Peak Feb 5, 2023

Fixture Teams

Sneak peak at what's coming in v1.2 - Add your team to a fixture.

  • Set the number of Teams that are to be played.
  • Set the number of bowlers on the rink.
  • Enter the bowlers name in the appropriate position.
Releases Jan 29, 2023

Ends+ v1.1 is now available

Version 1.1 is a minor release that includes from functionality that wasn't quite ready for v1.0. It includes

  • Duty Rota - Create your Duty Rota so that all club members can see when they 'on shift'. This release provides Bar, Catering, Cleaning, Mowing and Teas. I will look to add more in the future. If you have a duty that you would like to see include drop me a line via the Contact Page.
  • For Sale - A place to post items that you have for sale within the club.
Releases Jan 19, 2023

Ends+ is now available

Today I launched Ends+, The Lawn Bowls organiser. I'm aiming for a cold launch, with no marketing to ensure that everything is working as expected before I start to market the app.