Fixtures - Creating

Creating a Fixture

The Add Fixture screen allow you to create a new fixture. You are able to provide the following information


The date of the fixture default to the current date and time.

You have two options when setting the date:

  • Fixture Date : This indicates the date the Fixture will be played.
  • To Be Played By : This indicates the date by which the Fixture should be played.

Playing Against

  • Club : Selecting this present a list of all the clubs in your area, as well as those that you have favourited
  • Contact : This option will only be available if you have added some Contacts
  • Member : This option will only be available if you have added some Members
  • Other : This options allows you to enter the name of your opponent


  • Home : Set the Fixture as a Home game
  • Away : Sets the Fixture as being an Away Game. Used when playing against a Club
  • Other : Allow you to name the venue which the Fixture will be played at. Useful for Contact, Members and Others

Match Type

  • Roll Up : Sets the Fixture as Roll Up (Practice)
  • Friendly : Indicates that the Fixture is Friendly match
  • League : Indicates that the Fixture is a League match
  • Competition : Indicates that the Fixture is a Competition. A List of competition that you can define in Settings will be show


  • White : Whites are to be worn
  • Grey : Greys are to be worn
  • Club : Club colours are to be worn
  • Casual : Casual dress can be worn


A space to add notes.


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