Bar - POS

Use the POS functionality to quickly add up the cost of a round, by tapping the items being purchases. The total cost of the round is shown on the basket button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: The items shown here are defined in the Stock Inventory section of the application.

You then have two options:

Quick Sale

With the total value displayed on the basket button:

  • simply take the customers money
  • Give them their change
  • Tap the red bin button to reset ready for the next customer.

Detail View

Tapping the green basket button bring up a detailed breakdown of what has been ordered. On this page you can:

  • swipe to remove an item.
  • Close the screen to add additional items
  • Select the amount of money that the customer is presenting, or enter a different value.
  • The amount of change is shown.
  • Click the green button process the transaction
  • Click the red button to reset and empty the basket.

Note: The card button does nothing other than hiding the cash and change functionality. There is no card functionality in the application.