Bar - Inventory

In this area of the application you can define all the items that make up your bar stock. The items added here will be shown on the POS screen, and will be available to record as purchases on the Purchase screen.

The screen shows a list of items and the price that you are currently selling them at.

There are two buttons on this screen:

  • A + button to add new items
  • The Share button to export the items as a drinks menu.

Tapping on an item listed will bring up the Inventory Item detail page.

Detail Page

The detail page allow you to:

  • change the price of the item
  • change what category it belongs in
  • set the stock level when using POS this number will be affected is a sale is made against an item
  • set th restock level. When the stock level fail below this level a warning symbol will appear next to it in the inventory list

You can also see the last purchases of this item. How much it cost you, and what price you should sell them at to break even.